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Diligent Development is a diversified real estate investment and development company focused on identifying and executing on opportunities in the land, residential and commercial real estate asset classes.

Diligent specializes in providing solutions for transitional development land in both urban and rural communities. We are continually seeking collaborative investment opportunities and strategic alliances throughout the state of Iowa.


A new type of neighborhood in a cooperative environment.

A growing movement of communities being built around working farms and community gardens is taking root across the country. The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has been following this trend closely for several years and recently published two reports on the topic; Cultivating Development, Trends and Opportunities at the Intersection of Food and Real Estate and Agrihoods – Emerging Best Practices. According to ULI Agrihoods are defined as single family, multifamily or mixed-use communities centered around working farms.

Instead of development pushing agriculture further away from population centers, Agrihoods enable development to preserve land for farming where people live, invest in critical farm infrastructure and subsidize a portion of the cost to operate a diversified community farm. Some of the biggest barriers to new and beginning farmers are access to land, capital and customers. Agrihoods reduce all of these barriers and create a win-win-win for the developers, farmers and residents as well as for the land and broader community.

Agrihoods also make it easy for people to foster a deeper connection to the land, improve their health and strengthen relationships with their neighbors. They are a tool for building community, nourishing people with healthy food and teaching people about agriculture. Community farms also serve as a social gathering hub for a diverse community to come together for seasonal celebrations, special events and farm-based experiences.

Similar to open space and parks, community farms and gardens increase the value of the homes around them. Dozens of new Agrihoods are sprouting up every year creating a growing demand for people seeking to live in communities focused on healthy sustainable living. Middlebrook in Cumming, Iowa seeks to join this movement by creating an Agrihood that honors the agricultural legacy of the state and region, while building a vibrant neighborhood that nourishes community through healthy food and farming.


Welcome to Middlebrook, a community which leverages its agricultural past to create future prosperity. A place of special moments, Middlebrook builds off of its enviable position in the region only twenty minutes away from downtown Des Moines, anchoring the southwest corner of the city. By building off of the foundation of an agricultural community, Middlebrook establishes itself on the street corner at the intersection of real estate and food. New neighborhoods of agricultural estates, suburban townhomes, and a town center bring vibrancy and livelihood to the community, creating a catalyst for commercial uses at a variety of scales. The Great Western Trail, a recreational gem, and the I-35 corridor provide connectivity to the community and the broader region, allowing residents and visitors alike the opportunity to explore and experience the greater Des Moines metropolitan region. Middlebrook envisions a community of neighborhoods, where families can be raised, memories created and dreams achieved; it’s Middlebrook, in sustainable harmony.

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Successful real estate investments and development projects require sound business practices, industry support and experienced people. Diligent Development cooperates with and supports others bringing opportunities to our attention. If you have an opportunity for us to consider or would like to become a strategic partner, we welcome your inquiry.


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